About Me

Hi, I’m Melody!

Since stepping into the dynamic world of online business in 2015, I’ve mastered the art of digital launches, steering over 50 of them to a collective $16MM in revenue for my clients. But numbers only tell part of the story.

As an introvert with ADHD, I’ve turned what I used to think of as challenges into my superpowers, and love helping others see that there is no ONE way to grow a business online.

I can give you the roadmap, but you get to decide how fast or slow you want to drive, and whether you feel like taking the scenic route, a direct one, or even scrapping my map altogether and just winging it.

Think of me as your savvy big sis in the online business world — here to share insights on how to strategize, automate your systems, and sell more without doing more. Welcome to The Launch Library. Grab a chair, get cozy, and get ready for greatness.

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