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Struggling to get your launch emails noticed? Get my swipe collection of irresistible subject lines that get opened so your emails actually get read so you get more clicks and more sales!

Melody DiCroce, Launch Systems and Strategy. Join our free challenge: the Launch Accelerator and learn how you can make more sales and more profit in your course, membership, service, and product launches.

Hi, I’m Melody!

I’m a launch expert and the brains behind The Launch Library. Over the years, I’ve developed the ideal blend of templates, systems, and strategies to transform the launch process for countless businesses.

My mission? To eliminate the guesswork and stress from your launches, ensuring you hit your goals with efficiency and confidence. Together, let’s make your next launch not only successful, but also a breeze!

What People are Saying…

Manu Muraro, Instagram and social media marketing expert and founder of Your Social Team and Your Template Club

Mel's way generated 600% more revenue!

Manu Muraro
Your Social Team

Ramit Sethi, podcast host and New York Times Bestselling Author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich and creator of Zero to Launch and GrowthLab

Melody helped some of my biggest launches run smoothly.

Ramit Sethi
Netflix Series: How to Get Rich

Selena Soo, Publicity and Marketing expert and founder of Impacting Millions

Melody is a total rockstar. She’s like a Swiss Army Knife!

Selena Soo
Impacting Millions

Carole Bardasano, Instagram and Marketing expert and founder of The Digital Buzz

Melody is the Rolls Royce of launches!

Carole Bardasano
The Digital Buzz

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