Launch your digital product in just 12 weeks and turn your passion into profit — even if you don’t have an offer yet.

Join me starting January 22 for a 12-week experience, where you’ll create and launch a scaleable digital product using a rinse-and-repeat launch blueprint that you can use over and over to generate revenue whenever you need it.

Is this you?

You started your entrepreneurial venture for freedom and profit, but find yourself overwhelmed with the intricacies of launching your product.

Even though you’re not new to the digital world and have an idea of how amazing your product could be… You’re swamped with the whats and hows of a successful launch.

I know you’ve got that one great idea you’re hanging on to… but so far, it hasn’t brought you the income and freedom that drove you down the entrepreneurial path in the first place.

You keep refining your product — thinking if it’s perfect, success will follow.

But then, you find yourself caught in a vicious cycle: The more you tweak your product, the more you delay your launch (and your business growth). 

And the more you delay, the more that imposter syndrome creeps in, telling you maybe you’re not cut out for this.

Don't let rookie mistakes ruin your first digital product launch. Discover the top 5 pitfalls to steer clear of for a successful launch.
Don't let rookie mistakes ruin your first digital product launch. Discover the top 5 pitfalls to steer clear of for a successful launch.

Here’s the thing…

You can’t throw together an ad hoc launch without a strategy and expect it to work. You’ll just add to your overwhelm and uncertainty.

You need the right balance of “imperfect action” coupled with strategies that have been proven to work.

But sometimes, not even that’s enough.

The online gurus say, “Just follow the formula!”. But without clear guidance, you’re stuck in a loop of uncertainty and hesitation.

But I’m guessing you already know that.

Nodding your head yet? 

The good news…

It’s 100% possible to launch a successful digital product that brings you the income and freedom you’ve been working so hard for.

Introducing the Launch Accelerator

A 12-week program where you’ll learn to launch your digital product effectively and confidently, ensuring consistent success and freedom from the launch-overwhelm.

Weeks 1-4: Offer Development and Initial Strategy

In the first month, you’ll refine your product idea, understand your target audience, and start building a launch plan.

Week 5-8: Marketing and Pre-Launch Preparation

Here, you’ll develop your marketing strategy, create compelling content, and set the stage for a successful launch.

Week 9-12: The Launch and Post-Launch Strategy

Experience a live launch with direct support and guidance. Learn how to analyze your results and plan for your next launch.

Additional support in Launch Accelerator

  • Comprehensive Pre-Recorded Training Sessions: Covering each aspect of launching, from concept to execution.
  • Bi-weekly Coaching Calls: For personalized strategy and solutions.
  • Bi-weekly Implementation Sessions: Keeping you focused and on schedule.
  • Resource Arsenal: Templates and tools to streamline your launch process.
  • Community Support: Collaborate and learn in a community that shares your drive and ambition.

Did someone say Bonus Package?

Pay in Full Bonus: Launch Blueprint Audit (Value $300)

When you pay in full, I’ll review and give you feedback on your customized launch plan, providing insights and recommendations to help you optimize it for maximum success.

The Launch Library All Access (Value $497)

When you join this round, you get my library of launch swipes, templates, checklists, and resources to help you create your launch content and track all of your launch numbers.

Note: Launch Accelerator is a full 12-week commitment.
Choose from our flexible payment options to start your journey.

Manu Muraro, Instagram and social media marketing expert and founder of Your Social Team and Your Template Club

Mel's way generated 600% more revenue!

Manu Muraro
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Ramit Sethi, podcast host and New York Times Bestselling Author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich and creator of Zero to Launch and GrowthLab

Melody helped some of my biggest launches run smoothly.

Ramit Sethi
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Selena Soo, Publicity and Marketing expert and founder of Impacting Millions

Melody is a total rockstar. She’s like a Swiss Army Knife!

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Carole Bardasano, Instagram and Marketing expert and founder of The Digital Buzz

Melody is the Rolls Royce of launches!

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The big mistakes that keep people from launching successfully


You’re prioritizing endless refinements over getting your product out there to start making an impact and income.


You’re trying to figure out everything on your own, leading to burnout and inefficiency.


You think a single launch is enough, missing out on the power of a repeatable and scalable strategy.

The Launch Accelerator approach


Focus on creating a viable product and launching it effectively with a proven blueprint that allows for continuous improvement and revenue.


Leverage the support and experience of a group, with personalized coaching and community insights that ease your launch process.


Master a live launch strategy that you can rinse and repeat, ensuring each launch is more successful than the last.

Your entire approach & feelings about launching can shift dramatically in just 12 weeks.

Today is my cart close day. And I just made the sale that made this my biggest launch yet. (And there are 8 hours yet to go.) Thank you for encouraging me… you were right about [everything] and it’s gone very well.

Melody DiCroce, Online Business and Launch Strategist who helps women launch and sell their digital products.

Hi, I’m Melody!

Even though I worked on the launch teams for some of the biggest, most popular names in the online business industry, when I first started my own business, I struggled with my own launches.

I’d hover over my laptop, constantly tweaking sales pages, emails, my products, waiting for perfection and delaying my launches until everything looked like it did in my head.

But then, I embraced the power of “imperfect action”, leaning into the strategies that I knew worked because I had helped my clients achieve success using the same strategies.

Now, I want to share these insights and strategies with you.

14-Day Guarantee

I’m confident in the transformative power of the Launch Accelerator to help you launch or re-launch your offer. And I want you to be as confident in your purchase as I am in you.

If you join and engage in the first two weeks, and don’t feel like Launch Accelerator is the program to help you launch your offer, email by February 4 and I’ll refund your purchase.


What is the Launch Accelerator?

The Launch Accelerator is a 12-week, high-touch group program designed to transform your digital product or service from concept to reality. I guide a small group through the intricacies of launching, providing personalized support and a step-by-step roadmap.

What does the program include?

The program includes comprehensive training sessions covering every aspect of launching, personalized group coaching, built-in accountability mechanisms, a suite of resources and templates, and a supportive community atmosphere for collaboration and shared learning.

What does the program cost?

Since this is a new program, we are releasing it at an introductory price of $1497. This offer is limited and provides exceptional value for the services and support provided. 

What results can I expect?

Participants can expect to gain a thorough understanding of the launch process, develop a comprehensive launch plan, and receive the support needed to execute it successfully. The goal is to transition from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and excited about your launch. 

What if I'm not ready to launch?

The Launch Accelerator is designed to take you from uncertainty to a clear, actionable launch plan. Whether you’re at the concept stage or further along, this program can provide the structure and guidance you need. 

Who is the Launch Accelerator for?

It’s ideal for motivated entrepreneurs, course creators, coaches, and service providers ready to launch a digital offer but who want extra guidance, structure, and accountability. It’s perfect for those looking for personalized support and a clear path to confidently bring their digital offer to their audience. Is that you?

How is this different than a course?

The Launch Accelerator is different than a self-study course because it includes personalized attention in a small group setting, some 1:1 coaching, practical strategies from insider knowledge, and a focus on implementation and growth. It transforms launch anxiety into excitement and success in a contained period of time that we’re intentionally carving out to take action. 

Self-study courses can be great, but oftentimes, it’s not more knowledge that people need, it’s accountability and action steps. 

How many people will be in the program?

To ensure personalized attention, each cohort is limited to no more than 10 people. This small group setting allows for more tailored advice and deeper engagement.

How much time should I commit each week?

On average, participants should expect to dedicate around 5-7 hours per week to the program. This includes training sessions, coaching calls, and implementation work. Some weeks might have more “work” than others, but on average, expect around 5-ish hours. 

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! If you join the calls (or watch the replay), watch your first lesson, and actively give the program a chance and after 14 days decide this isn’t the right program for you, email and we’ll issue a full refund. *NOTE: Because of this policy, bonuses are not delivered until after the 14-day cancellation period has passed. 

Still have questions? Email and I’ll get back to you asap. 

If you’re ready to change your approach and see real results, Launch Accelerator is for you. See you inside!