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Hosted by Melody DiCroce
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Manu Muraro, Instagram and social media marketing expert and founder of Your Social Team and Your Template Club

Mel's way generated 600% more revenue!

Manu Muraro
Your Social Team

Ramit Sethi, podcast host and New York Times Bestselling Author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich and creator of Zero to Launch and GrowthLab

Melody helped some of my biggest launches run smoothly.

Ramit Sethi
Netflix Series: How to Get Rich

Selena Soo, Publicity and Marketing expert and founder of Impacting Millions

Melody is a total rockstar. She’s like a Swiss Army Knife!

Selena Soo
Impacting Millions

Carole Bardasano, Instagram and Marketing expert and founder of The Digital Buzz

Melody is the Rolls Royce of launches!

Carole Bardasano
The Digital Buzz

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DAY 1: Your Ideal Launch Strategy
Our businesses are different, so our launch strategies should be, too! Identify the type of launch that suits your business & audience best, for maximum results

DAY 2: Implementation + Q&A
Join me live on Zoom to ask your burning launch questions!

DAY 3: Your Irresistible Offer
Want to create an irresistible offer that has your audience hot and ready to buy? You’ll want to tune in for this one!

DAY 4: Implementation + Q&A
Join me live on Zoom to ask your burning launch questions!

DAY 5: Optimize Your Launch Content and Execution
How to plan, create, and deliver high-quality launch content that converts, with less stress and more moolah in your bank! 

Hi! I’m melody

I’m an online business and launch strategist and I LOVE helping people transform their launches.

I’ve helped business owners from 5-figures all the way to 7-figures successfully launch their courses, memberships, services, and group programs with less stress and more profit in their pocket.

My goal for the Launch Accelerator Challenge is to show you how to launch in a way that’s easier and more profitable, so you have more time, freedom, and moolah!

Melody DiCroce, Online Business and Launch Strategist who helps women launch and sell their digital products.
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